All about Families

«All About Families by Felicity Brooks and Mar Ferrero All families are different… and here’s a beautiful book to celebrate the rich diversity of family life in the modern world. All About Families is a new title in Usborne’s popular My First Book series and lets little children explore questions such as what is a family, what are the different sorts of families, and how do families change and grow. Written by Felicity Brooks in the simplest and yet most comprehensive manner, and packed with the enchanting illustrations of Mar Ferrero, this is a book that both teaches and entertains. Families, we discover, come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. They speak various languages, eat different sorts of food, live in different kinds of homes and celebrate special occasions in a wide variety of ways. Children are encouraged to draw their own families and name the people who are part of the family. They learn about children who live with foster carers, children with step parents, children with two mums or dads, and children whose parents are divorced.»

«A vibrant, bright, educational book. As a family with two mummies, we struggle to find any books which have similar family set ups to ours, and as our son is starting school soon we wanted to be able to explain the differences in families to him in an easy way. This book has been brilliant to show him all the different kinds of families in the world and how his family is included also. It’s a beautifully illustrated book and each page has so much to keep little ones engaged.»